LOBA Motorsport

LOBA Motorsport

It was back in 2002 when Darius Loba made his first experiences with Audi's 2.7 Bi-Turbo engines.

Already then he was fascinated by which great potential inheres in these engines and the platform Audi S4 and RS4 B5.

Fruitful business as an official partner of AWE, JE, Pauter, ARP, Sachs Performance, BorgWarner Turbo Systems, Garrett, Supertech, Ferrea and more backed his passionate work up and thus it did not take long until valuable long-term contacts with renouned (original equipment) manufacturers and engineers were made.

These contacts and the ever-growing experiences with products of leading manufacturers were soon to divulge room for further improvement or even innovation.

The LO-turbochargers were the first products to evolve. In the course of time this product range was optimized by and by to become some of the best aftermarket turbochargers money can buy.

Other products ranges were established and enabled us at LOBA Motorsport to extend our technology and know-how beyond the product range of the VAG group over other manufacturers products.

Nowadays LOBA Motorsport incorporates a supplier and distributor of performance parts as well as a passionate partner for individual projects and special designed products.

Quality and longevity are paramount to us. Whether we design and make our own parts or select an experienced supplier – it is always of utmost importance to us to meet the manufacturer's requirements for materials and quality or even outmatch them – no matter if a little more costly than other products.

So whoever is contemplating purchasing our camshafts, for example, may be reassured these camshafts were manufactured by no one other than the manufacturer of the original parts.

As to our specialty, turbochargers, we only resort the original manufacturer's components to ascertain the possible best of quality and longevity. Experienced engineers determine in how far which component is to be upgraded or and which means do contribute to an improved performance.

Our parts and components are solely made in Germany.